Herbs for Kidney. How to improve the performance of the main filter in the body


Perform a vital task Kidney : 200 liters of blood daily through their toxins , bacteria and other contaminants cleaning. One of the most sensitive organs – the day – to-day management of such a load , you have a high margin of safety to the kidneys . Proper food, bad drinking water, medicine – a one-time impact of their work . Yes , infections can occur in any part of the body , the blood carries them away .

All of these pyelonephritis , cystitis , urinary tract stone disease will cause . All of the characteristics that they can herbs , kidneys , can help relieve renal function returned to normal .
Cleaning and healing

High hardness and sulfates , chlorides , which is higher than the normal level of a urologist , for water , sand and stone in the kidney will push nitrates . Facts have proved that the kidney itself, the filter need to be cleaned on a regular basis . Watermelon, melon , cucumber , pumpkin : You can use fruits and vegetables a diuretic effect . Bartending flaxseed a useful off-season , shepherd’s purse , Bearberry , pansy , is the elderberry flowers and fruit .
These herbs have diuretic effects , but the drug is washed in potassium excretion , but reduced the amount of protein in the urine . If you have high blood pressure , motherwort a useful addition to the broth .

Parsley and celery , juniper berries : advice and herbs for kidney health . Greens to eat , drink water before the first and second courses, and crushed juniper berries and add 15 minutes . This will help the kidneys kroveochistitelnuyu functions .
BTW , China – do not abuse it – it’s just an alcoholic extract of juniper berries , as well as a therapeutic effect , there is the main thing .
To reduce inflammation

One of the most common disease – inflammation of the kidney and renal pelvis pyelonephritis , renal failure and complications , such as hypertension . Bearberry and horsetail to promote the purpose of treatment , and the decoction is to remove fluid from the body . That oat tincture , swelling , helps to get rid of the lack of direct connection between renal function .

Cystitis – cystitis in renal inflammation is closely linked with the process . Its development , such as hypothermia and bladder infections . Bear stimulus tea, yarrow , birch buds helps to remove .